Insulation Performance You Can Trust

FOAMULAR® insulation's R-value is based on real-time ageing and the product is warranted to maintain 90% of its insulating value for twenty years. FOAMULAR® insulation has a combination of characteristics that yield very low water absorption and is available in a range of compressive strengths that accept loads up to their design limit with little deformation. LEARN MORE

Top to Bottom, Extruded Polystyrene Has You Covered

Durability, reusability, moisture resistance, and the ability to retain R-value in the presence of water enables FOAMULAR® XPS insulation to be used in a wide variety of building applications from roof insulation to below-grade use where the insulation will be in constant contact with moisture. LEARN MORE

Tested, Proven, and Ready to Perform

Rigid board foam plastic insulation must be strong, moisture resistant, and maintain its R-value for the life of the building in conditions that are sometimes hostile. When comparing the ability of foam insulation to do these things it is helpful to know the basic types of foam and their properties. LEARN MORE