Lightweight Construction

Rendered brick and masonry is becoming an increasingly popular exterior facade in all areas of construction, but it has poor thermal performance, is very labour intensive and is extremely heavy.

Extruded Polystyrene is an ideal energy efficient substrate for EIFS, especially suited for the new generation PM render finishes. Foamular has high 'R' Values (50mm=R1.78) which are guaranteed not to drop below 90% of the original value for 20 years.

"Foamular Minimises Thermal Bridging, Literally Wrapping Your Home In Insulation"

Foamular is fixed directly to the studs, providing a continuous thermal barrier around your home. Wall batts simply fill cavities, but the wooden studs act as an easy route for temperature fluctuations. Using extruded polystyrene as an external insulation is up to 30% more efficient than between stud insulation.

Extruded Polystyrene with render is ideal for renovations and first floor extensions because it is extremely lightweight, reducing the need for structural support. Foamular is also much quicker to install and requires no drying time, so you can install the Foamular and render it in the same day!

Foamular comes in varying thicknesses, from 25mmm up to 100mm, so you can match the thickness of brick or other substrates, helping your addition or extension blend into the existing structure.

Austech can put you in touch with an installer in your area or supply you Foamular directly, please contact us for more information.