Commercial Underslab Insulation

Concrete possesses very poor thermal properties but it is essential for modern large-scale construction. Foamular has been successfully used to insulate under commercial concrete slabs, creating an efficient thermal barrier that reduces temperature fluctuations and improves energy efficiency.

Foamular Foil Faced XPS Insulation is a Group 1 material as per part C.1.10A of the BCA. (Part 3, walls and ceilings). This makes it ideal for a variety of commercial applications, including car parks, apartments, manufacturing, high-rise and retail. Fixing Foamular directly to the slab is a quick and efficient method to meet part J requirements.

"Fire Resistant Insulation Saves Energy and Lives"

Foamular Foil Faced 50mm has an R-value of R2.0 at 24°C, giving it superior insulation properties in comparison to EPS and Polyurethane. Foamular's high R-values create greater thermal efficiency, but it also provides greater R-values in smaller thicknesses, so it takes up less space once installed than other boards. This is especially important in retrofitting applications where insulation will reduce headhigh.

Foamular can be fixed in a variety of methods, including Hiltie XIE, Ramset Systems and furring channels. Foamular has a high tensile strength of 300KPA, so it can even be fixed with approved adhesive.

All Foamular products are guaranteed to maintain 90% minimal thermal performance for a period of 20 years. This makes Foamular an investment that can pay for itself in energy savings.

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