On ground slabs with floor heating

On ground slabs with in-slab heating systems are a healthy and efficient way to heat a house. As the slab heats, the warmth rises through the house, heating the rooms and maintaining a constant temperature.

Unfortunately, the cold ground the slabs sit on and cool air around it draw much of the heat out of the slab, so the system has to work harder and longer to maintain the temperatures, putting pressure on the system and dramatically increasing energy consumption.

"Lower Energy Demand = Lower Operating Costs = Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions"

When placed under the slab and around the exposed perimeter, Foamular acts as a continuous thermal barrier, limiting temperature fluctuations, reducing energy demand and prolonging the life of the system.

During Installation, Foamular is simply laid directly over the slab area, on top of the plastic sheeting, with supports and reinforcement placed over the Foamular, then the slab is laid on top. Any remaining exposed edges can be covered in Foamular encasing the slab in insulation.

As Foamular is not affected by moisture, soil borne bacteria or mould it can be back filled against for gardens etc, with no loss of thermal or physical properties. Foamular maintains its 20 year 90% thermal properties guarantee even when covered by concrete and dirt, giving you long term energy and environmental savings.

Austech can supply our range of Extruded Polystyrene Australia wide. Please contact us for more information.