Foamular XPS: The Perfect Partner with Underfloor Heating

Foamular XPS: The Perfect Partner with Underfloor Heating

Concrete slabs are terribly thermally inefficient!

Foamular XPS Insulation eliminates the heat loss that travels through a thermally inefficient concrete slab especially where an underfloor heating system has been installed.

Foamular is the perfect partner to underfloor heating systems. Foamular XPS establishes a thermal lock that ensures the heat produced by the heating elements is transferred unidirectionally through the flooring where it is desired, rather than the multi-directional transfer of heat being absorbed and wasted in the sub-floor.

Foamular XPS also enhances the performance of underfloor heating by maximising the temperature response when heat is needed.

Without Foamular XPS, sustaining floor warmth would require the continual supply of energy to replenish escaping heat. With unstable and ever increasing energy costs, Foamular XPS insulation is the solution.

Before finalising your plans to install underfloor heating, be sure to consider the dollars you will be throwing away if you fail to use Foamular XPS beneath the underfloor heating.

How to Create a Continuous Thermal Barrier with Foamular XPS

When placed under the slab and around the exposed perimeter, Foamular XPS creates a continuous thermal barrier, limiting temperature fluctuations, reducing heat loss and prolonging the life of the Underfloor Heating system.

For maximum performance, Foamular XPS is laid against slab edge, over the flat floor areas, and into trenches prior to concrete pour. Foamular XPS is a lightweight and easy to handle insulation which is simple to cut and trim and does not require the use of special power tools during the installation process.

Foamular XPS: High-Performance Product

Foamular XPS maintains a 20 year 90% thermal properties guarantee even when covered by concrete, giving the consumer long-term energy and environmental savings. Foamular XPS is not affected by moisture, soil borne bacteria or mould.

How to Specify Foamular XPS for Underfloor Heating Applications

The recommended materials for Underfloor Heating applications is Foamular 300/30mm (R1.07) or FM 300/50mm (R1.78). The minimum requirement is for the Insulation to be placed against slab edge to 300mm below ground level.

For more information on the use of Foamular XPS in this application, visit the UNDERSLAB INSULATION PAGE

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