Foamular XPS Insulation - Long Term Performance

A point to be considered when choosing an Insulation product is not just how it performs today but how it will perform long term. Foil Faced materials lose performance over time as dust and moisture reduces surface reflectivity, glass wool batts may slump leaving uninsulated gaps in walls but Closed Cell Rigid Boards are not affected by those situations.

Foamular Insulation’s ‘R’ Value is based on real time ageing and the product is warranted to maintain 90 percent of its insulating value for 20 years!

Foamular Insulation has a combination of characteristics that yield very low water absorption resulting in high R Values long term. A Range of compressive strengths are available that will accept loads up to their design limit with little deformation.

Insulations that absorbs water loses R Value and other Physical Properties reducing performance.

The pics and text extract below explain the effect of moisture on Foil Faced Insulation.

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Foamular XPS Insulation May Be the Perfect Choice