Foamular used to Increase the Energy Efficiency in this Home!

Foamular used to Increase the Energy Efficiency in this Home!

Cutting edge design coupled with lower energy demand has been achieved in this stunning home from Kieran Mclnerney Architects.
Committed to energy efficiency in design, Architect Kieran McInerney has chosen Foamular Metric Extruded Polystyrene Insulation as the external insulation on a number of his projects. Foamular’s high Thermal Rating (R2.67 for 75mm) plus its high impact resistance make it the ideal substrate for modern Acrylic Render coatings. Being a closed cell insulation material, Foamular is the ideal material when high thermal resistance is required.

Kieran Mclnerney Architects latest project in Vaucluse was project managed by Tricon Developments with the Foamular Insulation being fixed and rendered byEuroplex.

Foamular XPS was also used as an Underslab Insulation in various sectors of the build. Improved energy efficiency of the floor heating system was achieved by using Foamular as a thermal barrier under the slab. In simple terms heat will transfer to cooler medium such as the ground and external air. To keep the slab warm a continual supply of energy is required to replace escaping heat. Fixing Foamular as a thermal barrier minimises heat loss so less energy is required to maintain slab temperature. Reduced energy demand equals lower operating costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

This residence is a perfect example of great design, quality build and energy efficiency.

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