Foamular used by Dixon Andrews Architects

As a specialist architect with extensive experience and expertise in residential design and construction Dixon Andrews provides a very high level of service at all stages of the design and construction process. Unlike most Architects Dixon is involved beginning to end of your project and is very hands on. As seen in the image of Dixon on a current worksite in Mosman.

Dixon Andrews Architects have been using Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation for many years along with Dincel Wall Systems. Dincel has an innovative wall construction system, with permanent polymer form work for walls and columns, which when filled with concrete, produces an economical, strong and durable structure as well as saving construction time and money. Lining the interior walls with Foamular Extruded Polystyrene compliments the thermal mass benefits of the walling system.

Foamular's advanced thermal properties act like a temperature barrier, stopping heat fluctuations outside radiating through the concrete and into the building. Foamular has a high R-value, 50mm of Foamular can provide an R Value of R1.78.

Foamular provides quicker build times through ease of installation as it can simply be screwed into the polymer formwork prior to pouring the concrete. Once the concrete is set, it will permanently hold Foamular onto the Dincel Panel.

dincel-250   dixon-andrews 
Dincel Building System Solution   Dixon Andrews on work site in Mosman




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