2 Good Reasons to Insulate Concrete Roofs

2 Good Reasons to Insulate Concrete Roofs

1.Concrete is a conductor and heat passes thru concrete as well as being stored in it’s thermal mass.

2. Top floor apartments can be uncomfortable and have low energy efficiency because of this.

Foamular  300KPA 65mm insulation was recently fitted to the roof of the Newcastle courthouse by NJD Corporation. NJD are a construction, maintenance and remedial building company which provide a diverse range of services to the construction industry. The Newcastle Courthouse has been designed to provide the largest and most technologically advanced NSW court complex outside of Sydney. The seven storey 12,000 square metre building incorporates a variety of architectural features and material. The high security courthouse will have a 10 state of the art courtrooms and two tribunal rooms that can host Local, District and Supreme Court hearings.

By placing high performance insulation like Foamular closed cell extruded polystyrene on the topside of the concrete roof comfort, it will reduce the energy demands. Foamular XPS insulates the roof as well as protecting the expensive water proofing membrane. Foamular has a 50+ year lifecycle and will continue to reduce energy demand.


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