Foil Faced Insulation

Foamular Foil Faced Extruded Polystyrene (EPS) is a revolutionary new product that combines the high strength and R-values of Foamular with a fire resistant foil facing to create a cost effective way to insulate in accordance with fire codes and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Foamular Foil Faced Insulation is a Category 1 material, achieving Category 1 Status as per part C.1.10A of the BCA (Part 3, Walls and Ceilings). Foamular Foil Faced EPS failed to ignite under the BCA test procedure and achieved a very low heat release rate of less than 50KW/m². Full fire tests are available from our Technical Help Team.

In addition to its Fire ratings, it also has an exceptionally high R-value. Just 50mm of foiled Foamular has an R-value of R2.0, which is guaranteed not to drop below 90% of the original value for 20 years.

Because of its high fire resistance and high R-values, it is ideal for Commercial Underslab Insulation, such as underground car parks and shopping centres. It is also good for large scale insulation and retrofitting in warehouses, factories, and public works.

For more information on Foil Faced Foamular insulation or to see if it is appropriate for your next project, contact our technical advisory service here.